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4minute, they are Jungle Goddesses!

The girls from 4minute are well known not only for the voices but beauty, both you and I have to agree on this. Just so you know that they are making comeback with mini album real soon, 25th April it is! Well, here you can see how they turned into Jungle Goddesses for their teaser photos below!

4Minute - Hyuna

4Minute – Hyuna

4minute - Gayoon

4minute – Gayoon

4minute - Jiyoon

4minute – Jiyoon

4minute - Jihyun

4minute – Jihyun

4minute - Sohyun

4minute – Sohyun

Now, let’s compare their look with this! Which one do you prefer? 😉


2 comments on “4minute, they are Jungle Goddesses!

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    April 18, 2013

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