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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Kissed Someone!

Wow! Fellow SONEs going to feel envy with this person who get kissed by Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. Well, it’s Rino Nakasone! 

SNSD Taeyeon & Rino Nakasone

SNSD Taeyeon & Rino Nakasone

SNSD’s Taeyeon posted on her instagram with pictures and also stated “Fine:( kkk. Introducing world’s most energetic happy person Rino Nakasone. She makes me happy 🙂 You’ve also seen Rino’s work in: genie, Hoot, mister taxi, The boys, paparazzi, boomerang. Beepbeep etc.” 

SNSD Taeyeon kissed Rino

SNSD Taeyeon kissed Rino

Just so you know that Rino Nakasone was the person behind the choreography of their hits songs! Back to the topic, you might want to watch if SHINee’s Minho kissed Taeyeon at here! 😛



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