Your Extraordinary Kpop Site! & 2NE1 Are Gettin’ Dumb!

I bet most of you out there have already know about the collaboration between Black Eyed Peas’s and 2NE1 and now they are getting dumb huh? 😮 OKAY, it’s not but that’s the title of their brand new collaboration song!

2NE1 and

2NE1 and

Here’s something that we would like to share with you.

Buzzworthy MTV called the song a “brand new dancehall anthem”. They wrote and I quote: ”Gettin Dumb” isn’t a song about losing IQ points, but based on the up-tempo dance beat, it’s more an homage to nights when you’re ready to lose your mind on the dance floor. Heavy piano riffs ride cozy along a trance-like vibe, and soon the melody sways into the sweet voices of and 2NE1, which whisk us away to dance floor heaven. And just when you’re about to pull out your glow sticks, 2NE1′s leader, CL, pounces in with a semi-NSFW verse over a hip-hop beat: “Get your hair done/ Get a wig b**** extensions get pretty pretty/ Get it get it girl get your nails done supermodel honey is the outcome. So, basically this tune is pretty much the smartest song EVER to get dumb to in da club. Also, dear world: We want SO MANY MORE brilliant K-Pop collabos like these!

What do you think? You may check out the song at HERE! 😉


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