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Parody Version of “Gentleman” by Little Psy!

We know this lil adorable kid, Hwang Min Woo or better known as “Little Psy” for his appearance at Psy’s previous hit song “Oppa Gangnam Style“. Since then, he has become so popular and also debuted as singer with his song “Show+Time“! If you have not watch it, just click HERE! 😉

Little Psy - Gentleman

Little Psy – Gentleman

Back to the topic, Little Psy has released a parody version of Gentleman by Psy featuring idol group OFFROAD. Well, I personally think the video was pretty cold with less rude scene compare to the original one, but it seems like Little Psy turned naughtier too. Watch it HERE! Perhaps, you can tell us if you still prefer the original one? 😉


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